About us

We are a medium size company, employing over 100 people. Our team is composed of experts in the field of IT engineering, Finance, Statistics, Psychology and Financial reporters.

Who we are

We are a well established and recognized broker. As a reliable financial partner, we understand the needs of Traders and Investors.


Free training and education


Access to the best information


Essential trading tools


Research and analysis


Excellent customer service


Best trading environment

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We can provide you with the following:

  • Set you up with direct access to experienced traders
  • Provide you with exclusive research and commentary to keep you up to date with the markets
  • Demonstrate technical and fundamental analysis that you can use to trade with more confidence
  • Deliver excellent service and support for an exceptional overall experience
  • Gauge your level of experience and knowledge, chart a course for your advancement, and guide you through your development
  • Show you how to implement trading discipline and teach you how to apply it to your overall trading strategies
Julien Mabit
Advisor and Oil trading strategist at Abraj Trade
Samuel Watkins
Gold speculation specialist and trading advisor at Abraj Trade
Joseph Imre
Exotic currency trader and market analysis at Abraj Trade
Gary Dennison
Currency trading specialist at Abraj Trade

We are Socially responsible

Abraj Trade thrives on having a responsible corporate attitude.


Community support


Child welfare



What Traders say about us

Before trading research your broker and make sure that the broker is both reputable and trustworthy.

Ameera Quadi

Very happy with the service and training I received. The team of Abraj Trade really helped me prosper. Thank you! 

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